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Pasta With Zucchini

A pasta with sauteed zucchini subtlety spiced with garlic and chili or vegetable spice.

pasta with zuchinni

You can make this pasta with Zucchini with chili pepper or with a vegetable spice in place of the chile.

But don't deprive yourself. Try it with a lesser amount of chili if the amount recommended here worries you.

I will say that this pasta is with zucchini and not mush. The zucchini is stir fried al dente, if you will. Watch the video to see what I mean.

The recipe calls for a small to medium zucchini, 2 cloves of garlic chopped, 1/2 of a finely sliced chili pepper, olive oil and parmesan or romano cheese. Adjust the chili to your taste.

The alternative is to leave out the chile pepper and use vegetable seasoning.




For more color, in both instances, add some sauteed sweet pepper when you are ready to top the pasta with the zucchini mix.

Add some green. In the video I use fresh oregano. Use basil or parsley if you prefer them, or are what you have on hand.










I hope you enjoyed the zucchini and pasta recipe. Please add your comments or your own recipes.

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