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Making Thick Crust Pizza

How to shape, top and bake your thick crust pizza dough so that you get compliments from all around the table.

thick crust pizza

The recipe for and the process of making a thick crust pizza dough is at Pizza Dough Recipe. This page, and the video in it, take you through the finishing and baking process. If you have not seen the first video, you might look at it now. The page will open in a new browser window to you will not lose this one.

Thick Crust Pizza Tips And Hints

When shaping the dough, take your time. When it gets to a point that it does not want to stretch anymore, let it rest. Stop and wait a minute or two. After this rest, it will be ready for you to continue shaping.

Corn meal on your pizza stone or pan soaks up moisture. Use plenty of it to avoid a soggy dough. Note how we use it in the video.

Also, to avoid a soggy crust, use a thin coating of tomato sauce for the topping. And use a thick, pasty topping rather than a thin sauce.

Get your oven very hot 450 F plus and let your pizza stone get up to temperature before you add put your pizza into the oven. Then lower the temperature some. (400 - 425 F) The hot stone will make a crust on the bottom and the lower oven temperature will allow you to keep the pizza in the oven long enough, without burning, to remove moisture from vegetables and the sauce.

If you use a pizza pan, be sure to use one with holes in the bottom. And keep the holes uncovered so moisture can escape.

Rather than one large one consider making two or three smaller pizzas from your batch of dough. You can use different toppings, you can bring a series of hot pizzas to the table and you might find them easier to control in the oven.


Here is a video showing me making a very large one late in the evening. I just took from the refrigerator the dough I had made in the morning, heated the oven, topped it and in a few minutes had a late "snack".

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