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A collection of pizza toppings and how to add them the right way.

Lower in the page are some topping ideas. But first a few hints are in order.

It not only what you put on your pizza, but how you put it on. A perfectly good pizza can be ruined if you make a few very common mistakes.

The most common mistake for early homemade pizza makers is to add too much topping.

In short, too much topping makes your pizza soggy. And there is little worse than a soggy pizza. Especially after you worked hard getting everything ready.

Step one is to be sparing with the pizza sauce. If you use a thin sauce, it is rather easy to keep the sauce coating thin.

But if you use a thick sauce, it is a bit more difficult because it will form ridges as you spread it.

Note that I use the word coating. Don't cover the dough. Give it a thin coat.

The corn meal that you use in your pizza pan or on your pizza stone comes into play here. It helps absorb moisture and make the crust crispy. Don't overload it by adding too much moisture with the sauce.

Toppings should also be added carefully. Too many mushrooms, peppers or onions will add too much water. Smaller pieces, thinner slices added sparingly are the best way to go.






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