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Pizza Stones

This page discusses pizza stones, how to use them and how to make your own.

pizza stone

A pizza stone can make a world of difference in the resulting crust. If you have the place to store one, by all means do add one to your Italian Kitchen tools.

The stone holds a lot of heat and, when used correctly with a properly topped pizza, causes the formation of a crisp crust.

Pizza stones generally sold to family cooks are ceramic. And they are fragile. You have to be careful about how you cool them, heat them, clean them, and store them.

We use a 1 cm thick marble slab that we bought at a local tile supply. We cut it to our oven size using an angle grinder with a stone cutting wheel. It is sturdy and there are no problems with heating and cooling it. And we have no problems with it cracking when we put pizza, bread, bagels or pans onto the hot stone. It has lasted five years with no problems.

You can buy a small angle grinder for less than the cost of many pizza stones. Look at those on Amazon. Angle Grinders And here are the cutting wheels. Cut-off Wheel

Cleaning is easy. Scrape it, wash it, brush it.

Some claim ceramic stones absorb moisture. And then they say that one of the reasons your pizza may be soggy is that you do not use enough corn meal on the stone. See How To Make Pizza

Guess what! The corn meal absorbs the moisture on our marble, non-absorbant stone. If you go to our page on making pizza, you will note that one of the common reasons that people have soggy crust is that they do not use enough cornmeal either on the pan or on the pizza stone.

At the end of the day, it's the cornmeal. And you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy a porous stone.

Have you also noticed how some of the commercial pizza houses use pizza pans. And The pans often have is in the bottom. In some cases they are little more than screens. These pans are actually crispers and act very similar to a pizza stone.

Here is a link to a crisper on Amazon. Fox Run 14-Inch Non-Stick Pizza Crisper .

You can also make your own pizza stone from a piece of flat ceramic.

Just get an unglazed piece of ceramic, or turn a glazed piece over and use the back side. (If you buy a glazed ceramic tile, you can have a problem with the glazed side since the glaze is likely to have lead in it. So be sure to use the back side.)

It's the back side is rough, it is just a matter of smoothing it with a sanding disc attached to your rotary drill or angle grinder. Aluminum Oxide Sanding Disc

Since the pizza stone is a really a heat source and method to distribute the heat evenly, you can do like many of the commercial pizza makers do. Put your pizza on a pan and put that pan on the pizza stone.

Making your own is a very inexpensive. and because you can be sure that any of the poorest pizza stones that you buy are likely to break with time, using cheap ceramic tiles is an excellent way to have a pizza stone and not spend a lot of money.

Here is a link to pizza stones that are available on Amazon. Pizza Stones


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