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Pizza Serving Tray - Homemade

About and how to make a pizza serving tray.

This page discusses how to make and very useful pizza cutting board that doubles as a serving tray.

pizza serving tray and cutting board

Whether you order pizza and get it in a cardboard box or make your own at home, a pizza cutting board comes in very handy.

Below is a picture of a pizza cutting board that we had made at our local building supply. We just asked them to cut for us a 42 cm by 42 cm square from 6 mm thick laminated wood.

You can leave it unfinished or coat it with vegetable oil. Be sure to let the oil soak in before you put the tray on a tablecloth.

Because we usually make homemade pizza for groups of friends, we have two boards. As pizza slices disappear, we transfer more pizza from one board to the other and reload with another pizza from the oven.

Being made of wood, they are never too hot to handle and make cutting the pizza easy.

If you wish, you can compare this to what is available generally on the market by looking at Pizza Serving Trays At Amazon .


Unlike most cutting boards that you find, this cutting board is light while, at the same time, being large enough to be useful for large pizzas or a couple small ones.

You can see that it is well colored from a lot of use.






pizza on cutting board that doubles for serving tray



Here is one of the boards, doubling as a serving tray for a homemade pizza. Note that there is plenty of room around the edges to keep crumbs, stray sauce and whatever from the table.


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