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Pizza Sauce

About and how to make homemade pizza sauce.

thick crust pizza

Basic pizza sauce is nothing more than plain, commercial tomato concentrate right out of the can. In many cases that is all that you need because the toppings will dominate and mask the taste of the underlying sauce.

A word of caution about any sauce. Don't use too much and don't use a thin sauce. Too much sauce will make a pizza soggy.

Tomato concentrate is good because it is thick and can be spread rather thinly.

Should you like a little flavor, add some basil or garlic to a small bowl of concentrate and heat it. Don't boil it. Once too warm to touch, take it off the heat and let it sit for a half hour plus/minus so that the flavors develop.



You can also use a tomato sauce that has been prepared for pasta in place of tomato concentrate. That might be appropriate when your topping will be bland and you want some flavor. We often use our own Tomato Sauce .





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