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Pizza Paddle - Homemade

A homemade pizza paddle that is quick and easy to make.

This page describes how to make a homemade pizza paddle and how a pizza paddle can benefit you.

using pizza paddle to put pizza in oven

Making a pizza paddle is extremely easy. It only takes a few minutes to do.

Having a pizza paddle is a great especially if you tend to make pizzas regularly and make more than one at a time.

Making pizza requires a very hot oven. Getting that pizza in and out of the oven can be quite uncomfortable unless you use a paddle.

When we make pizza, we sprinkle the paddle with some corn meal and put the pizza dough out top the cornmeal. We then add the topping. Putting the pizza into the oven is extremely easy and quite comfortable.

Because the handle stays well outside the oven one does not even have to use an oven mitt.


And then when it comes to getting the pizza out of the oven, it is a simple matter of sliding the paddle under the pizza and removing it.

If you make only one, you can cut the pizza directly on the paddle. If not just transport the pizza to where you want and slide it onto the plate or cutting board.






Here's a picture of the paddle that we paddle

We used a piece of laminated wood 4mm thick. It is 35.5 cm wide at the front. It tapers to 31.5 cm wide at the point where the radius starts. The handle is 15 cm long and tapers from 5cm to 4 cm.

The resulting paddle is perfect for our oven and perfect size for the pizzas that we make which are generally 28 to 30 cms in size.

We drew the paddle outline on the wood blank, freehand, with a heavy pencil and cut the wood to shape with our saber saw. It is a working tool so we did not worry about curves and measurements being exact. It was quick and easy.

After we use it each time we scrape it and were it was some vegetable oil.

See how we use it in the page Steps In Making Pizza.


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