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Italian Spiced Oven Roasted Potatoes

A recipe for oven roasted potatoes that is great at any time.

Boil a kilo of potatoes. Red potatoes are thought to be best. But any will do.

When they are soft to the fork, cool them by emerging them in cold water.

After they are just cool enough to handle, cut them into cubes.

Put them in a mixing bowl and add some olive oil, 2 or so crushed cloves of garlic, black pepper, rosemary, basil and some salt.

Adjust the amounts to your taste.

Mix the batch and spread them on a cookie sheet, or something flat and put them in a very hot oven. 220 degrees C to brown them.



You can vary the taste by adding to the mix, before it goes into the oven, some fried bacon pieces, fried chopped onion, or chopped sausage.

A pinch of red pepper flakes will really add some zest to the batch.





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