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Over 100 Italian recipes on YouTube plus other international and Italian Food videos.

This Italian recipes blog focuses on providing Italian recipes on you to. We do that because it is our opinion that it is much easier to understand a recipe when you see it actually being made rather than to just read something in plain text and to look at a couple simple pictures.

The Italian recipes are put on YouTube to increase their distribution and because YouTube provides a very convenient platform for videos.

We have included here a video summary of our Italian recipes library that you find on YouTube.

You can look at each of these videos separately. You can also find them by using the search box in the top left corner of this web page.

You are also invited to subscribe to our Italian recipes channel that is called GreatItalianRecipes.

By subscribing to the channel you can make it very easy to monitor what we are doing and to find out when we make the latest addition to our channel and to our web page.

There are over 100 recipes for Italian food from all regions of Italy that you find in a channel. We cover everything from pizza to peaches boiled in Amaretto.

And then of course no recipe collection can be complete without a video of tiramisu.

We do hope that this Italian recipes YouTube page has been helpful.

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