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How To Make Pizza

Tips and hints on how to make homemade pizza.

thick crust pizza

The most important thing is to assemble the equipment and ingredients that you need.

They include a Pizza Dough, Pizza Sauce, Toppings, A Pizza Stone, An Oven Paddle and Corn Meal.

Under each of the links above there are links to information about each of the pieces of equipment mentioned that show their importance and how to use them.

We recommend that you have all of this. Why? There is the same equipment that you see in a pizza restaurant.

You can probably do without the pizza paddle, but a pizza stone makes such a big difference in the end product that is well worth the investment if you're going to make pizza very often


Oven temperature is very important. It is very important to have a very hot oven when you first put up the pizza in the oven.

In the video below, you can see some images of an amateur making pizza and a professional making pizza and getting it ready for the oven.

Note that in both cases the same equipment is used.

After the pizza is in the oven you can reduce the oven temperature.

The reason for doing this is to get the pizza stone hot so that you get a very brown crust on the bottom.

By so many people worry about the pizza toppings. The next time you go to the pizza restaurant, like a pad of paper and write down the toppings. It is as simple as that.

That's essentially what meeting in our pizza toppings section but for the fact that we made some of our own toppings.

Another simple trick is to add a little olive oil to the topping just before you put the pizza in the oven. The pizza cheese from burning and gives the pizza a little extra flavor.





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