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How To Make Homemade Pizza

Step by step instructions on how to make homemade pizza.

homemade pizza

This page gives you the steps in the overview. There is a special page that covers tips and hints on making pizza that are very important for you to make a good, tasty and enjoyable pizza. Anyone can make a pizza. But making a good one takes a bit of thought and understanding the finer points of pizza making. Read it at Pizza Tips And Hints.

Prepare the dough in advance. See Pizza Dough

Prepare the pizzza sauce in advance. See Pizza Sauce

Prepare the toppings in advance. See Pizza toppings.




homemade pizza stoneHeat the oven Use either pizza stone or special pizza pan. See Pizza Stone and Pizza Pans

After oven at temperature, shape the dough. See Shape Pizza Dough





A pizza will be soggy if:

You add too much sauce

The cooking time is not long enough to extract moisture from the dough and/or topping.

You have added too many fresh vegetables which add to the water content. Less is often more on pizzas

You do not use enough cornmeal on your paddle.

There is too much oil in the dough.



shaped pizza doughPut on pizza paddle that is lightly coated with corn meal or kasa manna. See Pizza Paddle.






Add pizza sauce.

Add toppings.



putting pizza in oven with pizza paddlePut in oven with paddle.


Bake until bottom starts to color.





removing pizza from oven with pizza paddleRemove with paddle.






Put on Pizza Board or Serving Tray and cut. See Pizza Serving Tray