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How To Bread

Tips and tricks on how to bread fish, chicken, meat and vegetables for tasty and good looking results.

This recipe starts with our unique bread crumbs that you can find at Italian Bread Crumbs.

You can also use the recipe for home made spiced bread crumbs that is at this link.

Breading is a five step process. You cover the piece with flour, let it stand for at least a half hour, cover with egg, cover with bread crumbs and then let it dry for at least 15 minutes.

Of course, you can eliminate the drying and standing steps, but the results are much better if you keep them in the process.

An easy way to get good coverage with the flour is to put the flour in a plastic bag and then add the food a couple pieces at a time. Shake it and you will cover even the hard to get places.

Using tongs during the breading process eliminates the problem of breading your fingers each time you add a new piece to the mixture.

Add some water or milk to the egg mixture to thin it for better coverage.

Dry the floured and breaded pieces on a wire rack.

Refrigerate the pieces, on the rack, during the resting periods. That extra chill helps when you put the piece in the fat. You want to shock the coating as much as possible when you give it heat. That shock makes it crisp up faster.

If you add parmesian cheese to the egg you can give your work a little extra, pleasant flavor.

Discard leftover flour and bread crumbs. They will spoil and serve are breeding grounds for bacteria they pick up from the piece and the eggs.


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