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Fried Italian Mushrooms

A unique recipe for fried Italian mushrooms.

This recipe shows fried Italian mushrooms made from beautiful parasol mushrooms. If you like, use the mushrooms of your choice.

fried mushrooms

Making fried mushrooms is simple. It is a matter of making up a dredging station that consists of of our special, home made, Italian breadcrumbs and our special egg cheese dip. You can find information about setting up this dredging station at How To Bread.

The video below shows you the process of making these fried mushrooms. If you watch that , you should have everything that you need to make these mushrooms.

But a couple notes are in order.

The video shows be making some fried mushrooms using parasol mushrooms. You can use whatever mushrooms you would like to use.


When you fiy mushrooms, do not keep them to long in the pan because they are tender and will dry out quickly. You will end up with mushroom chips.

And do know the source of your mushrooms. Check every one before you use it. Be sure that you do not make the mistake of serving your family one of those species that is not edible.






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