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Chanterelle Mushrooms With Eggs

Recipes for ways to make chanterelle omelet, quiche, scrambled eggs and more.

chanterelle mushrooms

For the most part, these mushrooms are served with eggs.

To be sure, you will find them served with cream, in sauces and in elegant pasta dishes.

But people who gather them really favor them especially in scrambled eggs.

Consider using the French spice Herbes de Provence in your eggs. It makes a wonderful addition to any egg dish, and especially an omelet.

We have posted several videos showing how to use Chanterelle. And there are more mushroom recipes in the cookbook section of this website.


It is important to not soak chanterelles. They carry a lot of water as it is. And when you sautee them, your goal is to remove the water. So it is self defeating to soak them and add more water.



They have a rather strong flavor so they are not the best eaten raw. On a positive note, the strong flavor gives a distinctive taste to whatever dish has them included.

There are videos on gathering mushrooms in the video channel Polcham. You are invited to watch them.





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