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Antipasto Salad

A recipe and video for an antipasto salad with tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese.

antipasto salad

You can starting with his basic basil tomato salad and add to it whatever you wish to make a very nice antipasto salad.

The process is to use tomato and mozzarella cheese alternated and topped with fresh basil and olive oil. You can use it as the outer rain on a plate, and like we did in this video, and other ingredients in the center.

As an alternative, use a larger plate than we do in making this antipasto silent, and have to tomato mozzarella ring more towards the center of the plate so you have a clear worrying outside the tomato and an open area inside the tomato ring.

In that way you can add other ingredients around the outside as well as in the inner circle.It is best to use fresh basil. But if necessary you can use dried basil in its place.


Be sure to use fresh ground pepper on this salad.

The video below shows the process of making this antipasto salad.







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