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Videos and recipes about Italian food and Italian cooking. This web page is about Italian food. It contains over 100 videos of Italian food recipes being prepared.

Italian Food is universally liked. It is even a favorite among children

.And beyond that, a diet of Italian food, otherwise known as the Mediterranean diet, can be very healthy and lead to you extend your life.

We have posted our recipes as video and text.

We have taken this approach to telling you about Italian food because it is our opinion that it is easier to learn by watching and reading and just by reading about Italian food alone.

You can see the videos in this website where you can go to YouTube and look at these Italian recipes in our channel that you find at this link called GreatItalianRecipes.

If you can provide us information or videos about Italian recipes or food, you are invited to contact us and we will provide information on how you can add them to this blog.

Additionally, we encourage you to make video responses to any of our recipes which video responses show you preparing the same recipe or a modification of it.

We also are of the opinion that one of the best ways to find information about Italian an diet and how it can help you, is to read about the Mediterranean diet. In the link to the left there is information about the Mediterranean diet. We strongly recommend that you take the time to look at that.

We do hope that this page about Italian food and this website will be helpful to you.

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