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Italian Recipes Blog

This is an online Italian Cookbook that you use by searching the Italian Cookbook Library located at the bottom of this page or the navigation bar at the top.

It is called the Italian Recipes Blog because of the content management system that we use. It allows you to leave comments and to submit your own recipes.

All recipes that you find here have pictures. And, in fact, most have videos with included voice narration.

It is totally free to use. We support ourselves by offering a collection of Italian Cookbooks and cooking utensils from Amazon. You are invited to look at them as you work through this site.

Italian food is not only wonderful to eat, if you follow the precepts of the Mediterranean diet, you will find that it is quite healthy. So, as we continually add new recipes, we generally add those that are more in line with healthy eating and, actually, losing or not gaining weight. And there are many meatless Italian recipes as well.

And while we are on the topic of weight, many of us who like to cook are our best fans. So we have to really be careful about what we eat. Here is a little tool that you might consider to keep control of what happens. Fitness Assistant.

To many people, the word Italy rings up the thought of family. And the history of cooking in Italy is really a history of family cooking. And when it comes to feeding a family, Italian food is a perfect selection.

You can serve up some very tasty and attractive meals that are real budget stretchers. And among them most are quite attractive to kids.

At the same time you can make some absolutely wonderful creations that fit any occasion.

And, because Italy is really a country of regions, there are so many different tastes that you can try. There are those that include chili peppers as well as those that favor cream and cream sauces.

But of course, because Pizza is so popular everywhere in the world, we have a large section, with pictures and videos, on how to make pizza.

So for everything from Pizza to Peaches with Amaretto and Cream, go to our Italian Recipes Library that you find at the in the search engine at the bottom of this page.

Here is a collection of books related to the Mediterranean diet:

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